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Mary GerushOne day, I told my husband I wanted to quit my technology job and start an herb farm. His response? “I’ve always wanted a greenhouse.”

Nicely done, husband.

Honestly, my thumb is barely green. I’m a city girl who doesn’t like to sweat. My stamp-sized backyard “garden” boasts a mix of happy and very sad plants, and those dang hornworms destroy my tomatoes and jalapeños every year. But I’m a dreamer — with a truly supportive husband.

My grandparents started a small farm in Alabama with no agricultural knowledge. They planted crops, raised cows, and built a small cabin with their own four hands. Grandmom eventually bought the John Deere tractor she coveted. If they can do it, I can too!

So after 20+ years dog-paddling in the corporate technology swamp, I quit my reliable (but stressful) job. I started reading about local farms, real food, sustainable production, and how the growing importance of these intriguing topics are changing the world, the country, and even my hometown concrete jungle, Dallas. Farm and food-related movies and television shows floated to the top of my video queues. And I began to drag my husband to local farms, farmers markets, and farm/food events.

I have long loved cooking, but a new passion found me: I want to learn where my food came from and how it was raised. I want to meet the growers who planted and harvested my produce. I want to know my steak came from cows that had been treated fairly and my eggs came from hens who led happy lives. I don’t think that’s too much to expect out of life.

What’s really cool is that my city boasts a fantastic local farm and food personality, supported by a small army of enthusiastic people that make it what it is. I started bliss&vinegar.com to learn more and to share what I learn with my friends, family, and neighbors.

I still do technology consulting to pay the bills (referrals and engagements welcome). But I continue to nurture my herb farm dream along with quite a few others. Today, I’m taking advantage of the opportunity to learn about and support local farm and food artisans and make their presence known in Dallas. I hope my site helps you find your own local farm and food bliss.

Be full!

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