The Farm to Table Movement: Merely Lipstick on a Pig?

Farm to table: A positive social trend and fashionable movement. Chefs and restaurateurs flaunt it while we flock to farmers markets to support our small, local, family-owned farms.

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Why Farming Should Be on your Kid’s Class Schedule

“Farm to school” is a popular phrase right now. It’s garnering lots of press, and numerous non-profit organizations have been created to spread the word. The goals? To teach your kids about real food — where it comes from, how to grow it, and why they should eat it. But these aren’t the only outcomes. A new report from the National Farm to School Network explains how the farm to school movement benefits more than just your children.

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How Family Farms Can Feed The World And Save The Earth


The global population is expected to reach more than nine billion people by the year 2050, and nearly 900 million people go to bed hungry every night.

– Family Farming: Food Tank by the Numbers

Family farms are more important than ever.

The United Nations named 2014 the International Year of Family Farming to raise awareness of family and smallholder farmers and their critical role in nourishing the world and conserving the earth’s natural resources. Food Tank: The Food Think Tank just published a report to help the rest of us understand why we should care. Continue reading “How Family Farms Can Feed The World And Save The Earth”

Sustainability On Film: Growing Cities The Movie (Infographic)

Last year I contributed to a Kickstarter campaign to fund a movie about sustainability. Coming soon to a theater near you: Growing Cities — a film about urban farming in America.

Two young guys from Omaha — Dan Susman and Andrew Monbouquette — came up with the movie idea. From their Kickstarter page:

GROWING CITIES is a feature-length documentary that examines the role of urban farming in America and asks how much power it has to revitalize our cities and change the way we eat.  The film follows two friends on their journey across the country as they meet the men and women who are challenging the way this country grows and distributes its food, one vacant city lot, rooftop garden, and backyard chicken coop at a time.

Along the way they learn that this grassroots movement takes many forms – from those growing food in their backyards to activists seeking a meaningful alternative to the industrial food system, and more.  At its core, the film asks people to re-imagine what’s possible in urban settings and consider creating GROWING CITIES of their own— places that are healthier, more sustainable, and socially just.

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