Could the Feast of the Seven Fishes be your New Holiday Tradition?

The Feast of the Seven Fishes is a tradition started in Southern Italy and now commonly celebrated by Italian-Americans. On Christmas Eve, instead of overindulging in rich, heavy foods, families gather to celebrate with seven seafood dishes. Or nine, eleven, twelve, or thirteen, depending on what Italian region the families hail from. The tradition is based on the Roman Catholic practice of abstaining from meat (and sometimes dairy) on Christmas Eve as families await Jesus’ birth. Continue reading “Could the Feast of the Seven Fishes be your New Holiday Tradition?”

Spring In A Glass: The O.G. Cocktail

On a recent trip to Denver, I lunched at TAG Raw Bar and tried a new cocktail. Intense orange flavor. Kick of jalapeño. It was spring in a glass even while snow fell outside. After some experimentation, I came close to the same flavors at home, and I’m so happy. (I now need a dependable, economical supplier of mandarin oranges — which are good for you!) Continue reading “Spring In A Glass: The O.G. Cocktail”

You Need To Make This Rich, Sweet, Dark Chocolate Pie

Cocoa Pie

Growing up, I didn’t have birthday cakes. Instead, my mom baked my favorite dessert on the planet — she made me Chocolate Pies.

But these were no ordinary chocolate pies. They were made from a recipe passed down through the Kollenberg family. Rich, thick, dark chocolate filling rests beneath a cloud-like layer of sweet meringue. I can picture those pies with their toasty peaks accented by birthday candles waiting for me to make a wish.

Today is my birthday. So in honor of my family and all the chocolate pies my mom has made for me over the years, I’ll be making my own today. I thought I’d share the recipe. Continue reading “You Need To Make This Rich, Sweet, Dark Chocolate Pie”