New Year, New Site, New Adventure

New Year’s Day evokes visions of new beginnings and dreams coming true. For me, 2012 is huge.

In September, 2011, I quit my technology day job to improve our family’s work-life balance and follow my dreams — of which I have way too many. Here’s the short list:

  • Start an urban herb and lettuce farm in Dallas
  • Become active in the local farm and food movement (including starting this blog and web site)
  • Write a historical fiction novel, a profile on farming and food in Texas, and/or a book on being a childless stepmom (of which I am one)
  • Make and sell small-batch, artisanal toffee and steeped vinegars
  • Invent and sell a number of very clever products

After three months without pay, I must also earn money soon! So, I’m working with a friend and former colleague to start a technology consulting business and exploring other part-time and contract work to help pay the bills (and keep the pedicures coming) — all while following my dreams and doing more around the house during the week, so the family can relax on the weekends.

Is it any wonder that I’m unfocused? The last three months, I’ve spent a little time on a lot of things and made very little progress on any of them.

But this is a new year! So I’m taking a baby step and creating my first blog post, hopefully to be a start at a rockin’ good web site for Dallas area residents who want to support local farmers and eat the best food possible. Surprisingly, the local farm and food movement is here in Big D! And I aim to keep you informed and to learn along the way, so I can start my own farm.

Join me, as I start my adventure. And if anyone is interested in mentoring a wannabe farmer, give me a shout. I need the help.

Happy 2012!