Weekend Food Project: Make Your Own Mascarpone Cheese

Make Your Own Cheese

Looking for a weekend food project with an awe-inspiring, tasty outcome? Set aside a couple of hours to craft fresh, homemade mascarpone cheese.

Mascarpone is a soft, creamy, Italian cheese found in many desserts, including Tiramisu. I got to know (and love) it in one of my family’s favorite pasta dishes — which I will share in an upcoming post. You can usually find mascarpone in your grocery store “fine” cheese section. And if you can’t find it, you can substitute for it with reasonable (but not great) results: Try ricotta cheese blended with heavy cream or cream cheese mixed with cream and butter.

But! If you’ve got a couple of hours and can wait overnight to use your product, you can make your own. It’s amazingly easy — and quite delectable! Continue reading “Weekend Food Project: Make Your Own Mascarpone Cheese”

DIY: Make Your Own Easy, Fast, And Delicious Granola Bars

Homemade Granola Bars


I write with a crew that inspires me to make more informed — and more interesting — decisions about what I eat.

Consider Heather, for example. She dove into October Unprocessed with gusto. (The annual October Unprocessed challenge encourages folks to avoid processed foods for a month. Yes — a whole month. That includes halloween, no less!) Heather’s unprocessed journey and her vision of eating suitable granola bars inspired me to give something new a try: I made granola bars from scratch.

Continue reading “DIY: Make Your Own Easy, Fast, And Delicious Granola Bars”

How to Make Butter: Milk, Vegan, Nut, and Coconut!

It’s the last day of our weekly specials — something we like to call D-I-FRIday — a day where you make something from scratch you would normally buy already prepared. Today, it’s all about how to make butter — not just butter-butter, but butters of all types. Not only will your butters be better than what you can buy in the store — they will cost less, have little-to-no additives and preservatives, and make you feel like a Top Chef. So read on and learn how to make the butter of your choosing! Continue reading “How to Make Butter: Milk, Vegan, Nut, and Coconut!”

Meatless Monday: Meet Your Mates

My husband and I just embraced meatless Monday (a little reluctantly I must say, because we are big meat eaters, but we’re going for it, dammit).

With that on my mind and unable to sleep last night, I thought to myself: “Why aren’t there food themes for the rest of the week? What makes Monday more special than Tuesday or Wednesday? Or Friday — best day ever?”

So my mind went to work. (Not helpful for sleep, but it gave me a head start on writing this post.) Here are my ideas… Continue reading “Meatless Monday: Meet Your Mates”

My Top Five Farm And Food Summer Reads

Earlier this year, I introduced you to the founding ladies of Food Tank — a young think tank founded to build community and develop sustainable solutions to some of our most significant present-day environmental challenges, like agricultural sustainabilityfood insecurity, and obesity.

These Food Tank pioneers recently shared a list of 13 farm and food books ripe for summer reading. Of their 13 recommendations, 5 rest comfortably atop my way-too-long reading list. If you want to learn more about farms and food and how you can eat better, add these titles to your favorite book store’s shopping cart and curl up on your sofa with a fresh green smoothie for a good read. Continue reading “My Top Five Farm And Food Summer Reads”