Could the Feast of the Seven Fishes be your New Holiday Tradition?

The Feast of the Seven Fishes is a tradition started in Southern Italy and now commonly celebrated by Italian-Americans. On Christmas Eve, instead of overindulging in rich, heavy foods, families gather to celebrate with seven seafood dishes. Or nine, eleven, twelve, or thirteen, depending on what Italian region the families hail from. The tradition is based on the Roman Catholic practice of abstaining from meat (and sometimes dairy) on Christmas Eve as families await Jesus’ birth. Continue reading “Could the Feast of the Seven Fishes be your New Holiday Tradition?”

Blessing Your Food: A Book Review

Ya know when you make a resolution?… And you really mean it?… And then you’re reminded a year later about your important goal and realize you didn’t even come close to meeting it?…

I wrote a post last and shared my brilliant plan for bringing a family dinner tradition into my home:

We have our girls three nights a week when things are relatively “normal.” At least one day a week, I want us to eat in the dining room with no TV but perhaps a bit of background music … I hope we can talk, laugh, and inspire each other like I did with my family back in the day.

I’ve failed miserably. But I’ve found new inspiration. Continue reading “Blessing Your Food: A Book Review”

My Top Five Farm And Food Summer Reads

Earlier this year, I introduced you to the founding ladies of Food Tank — a young think tank founded to build community and develop sustainable solutions to some of our most significant present-day environmental challenges, like agricultural sustainabilityfood insecurity, and obesity.

These Food Tank pioneers recently shared a list of 13 farm and food books ripe for summer reading. Of their 13 recommendations, 5 rest comfortably atop my way-too-long reading list. If you want to learn more about farms and food and how you can eat better, add these titles to your favorite book store’s shopping cart and curl up on your sofa with a fresh green smoothie for a good read. Continue reading “My Top Five Farm And Food Summer Reads”

Julia Child’s Impact: A Food Critic’s Personal Perspective

Julia Child

In July, I highlighted the impending celebration of Julia Childs’ 100th birthday. Today, Twitter is abuzz with notes from Julia’s fan club. They’re cooking up a storm of Child-inspired dishes and sharing their results with those of us who love Julia as much as they do.

Today, I learned how Julia Child changed the life of one modern food critic: James Oseland. His first cooking foray involved the creation of a Caesar salad based on one of Julia’s recipes. In his own words: Continue reading “Julia Child’s Impact: A Food Critic’s Personal Perspective”

It’s Time To Get Ready For Food Day 2012

Food Day 2012

A little less than three months: That’s how long you have to figure out how you will celebrate and support Food Day on October 24, 2012!

Food Day, created by the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), isn’t a new event — it started on April 17, 1975, when the CSPI tried to piggyback on Earth Day celebrations to bring attention to “rising food prices, the declining quality of the American diet, and the severity of world hunger.” But after running out of money and energy, the event disappeared after 1977, not returning until last year, when Food Day 2.0 hit the calendars on October 24, 2011 with a bang! Last year, the cause inspired eaters to organize more than 2,300 events, touching every state in the country. Continue reading “It’s Time To Get Ready For Food Day 2012”